Team Development

Future-proof your team by empowering them to become better

managers and leaders

Leading by Example

One of the challenges of leading a business is the knowledge that your every move sets a precedent.

Developing your culture can feel like a never-ending task, but the quest to be a great Company to work for is not a journey from A to B, it is a way of doing things that constantly redefines who you are.

Embodying the behaviours and culture you want to cultivate in your team is a big ask, but with good advice and guidance, you can make sure every decision that impacts your people can be well-thought out, considered and measured.



Investing in Your Team

Are you a growing company?

Or do you need to downsize your workforce?

Do you want to get the best out of your staff?

Then taking some time to align your business strategy and your people plan together can reap untold rewards.

We can help you to get to grips with your development plans by defining a programme which is designed to meet your company’s specific requirements and covers as a minimum, company’s people analysis, organisational design, development of a complete workforce plan, with monthly meetings to monitor progress.

Additional programme content, such as board development, employee engagement, and a training & development plan, can be designed into the programme to meet your specific company needs.

What can Sapience offer?

  • Your People MOT – Checking out how your people are doing on a regular basis is essential in ensuring continued job satisfaction and great productivity.  We will provide all the guidance, documents and template letters you need to help you operate an effective appraisal system so both you and your people get the most out of it.
  • Starting Off on the Right Foot – Helping new people to understand your business and how you do things takes time.  Let us help you speed up the first few weeks so your new people become productive more quickly.  We will provide all the guidance, documents, template letters and checklists you need to help you induct and settle in your new employee well and manage their probation period successfully.
  • Psychometric Profiling – Using psychometric behaviour profiling can help understand your candidates or existing team members better, leading to quicker integration and performance delivery.  An incredibly helpful tool when recruiting new people to make sure that you get the person with the right approach and attitude to fit your business, as well as the right skills.  Your existing people can benefit from team analysis and communication profiling to look at their current performance and areas for development.

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