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COVID-19 -How We Can Help

We are still here, despite coronavirus concerns and continuing to provide you with support and advice for all your  HR queries. Just call or email and we will happy to help.

The COVID-19 situation has given everyone plenty to think about and how their business and staff is affected.  We offer a variety of solutions:

  • Do you have one burning question about COVID-19 and how it affects your business? Just gives us a call and we will be happy to answer your query FOC. This one’s on us.
  • Furlough Leave Pack – covering every document and staff correspondence you need. Call us for a quote.
  • Staff letters for holidays, continue working, essential travel, redundancy and all other COVID-19 related scenarios.
  • Information, advice and guidance – always on hand.

Give us a call on 01736 339 384 or email

Your expert human resource and personnel consultants

Sapience HR provide outsourced human resource and personnel consultancy services to business in Cornwall and the South West.

From recruitment, managing discipline and grievance, appraisals right through to dismissal, redundancies or TUPE transfers. Just practical, workable HR advice that you can utilise to your business needs.

We are on a mission to redefine what human resources means to you and the ultimate success of your business so let Sapience HR take the strain when dealing with your people issues. Recruiting the right staff, training and keeping them is a key priority for any business and crucial for your ongoing success.

Recently Asked Questions…


What is Shared Parental Leave?


How do I calculate staff holidays where staff work varying hours and days?


What happens to holidays when as employee is on maternity leave?


Can I include tips into the wages of my staff?


One of my staff has raised a grievance. Do I have to take it seriously?

We’ve got the answers to these and many more human resource related questions. Please give us a call on 01736 339 384 or submit a question below and we will be happy to help.

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