Management Coaching

When it’s time to make a change, our experienced management coach can help to facilitate effective, personal development

Management Coaching

Management coaching is a cost effective way of delivering one-to-one, tailored support to your new or improving managers.

The topics covered can range from confidence, management technique, resilience, leadership style and developing for progression.

Our experienced management coach will engage with each individual on a bespoke program, usually starting with a series of 6 sessions to help get to the root cause of the concern, and agree an action plan for improvement.


Our experience HR professionals can also offer your people-managers tailored mentoring to help them upskill and improve their existing people-management techniques.

Mentoring is a bespoke process, but commonly covers the less prescriptive elements of managing people – such as relationship building, managing conflict and understanding motivators.

What can Sapience offer?

  • Management Coaching – A series of sessions with a clear list of topics to cover, and goals to achieve to help the individual improve their understanding of perspectives, and ultimately to take the lead on deciding the changes they believe are necessary.  Coaching is used where the manager already possesses the key skills, but requires development of their understanding and confidence to implement change.
  • Mentoring Programme – In a similar fashion to coaching, this normally consists of a defined number of sessions with a list of topics to cover, and goals to achieve.  The key difference is that mentoring enables an inexperienced manager to learn new skills and techniques from an experienced HR practitioner.

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