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Even the best Companies find themselves facing staff challenges, they key to handling them with confidence is knowing that you have a team of HR experts on hand to guide you through the minefield, step by step.

Our team of HR experts have seen most things, often more than once, so let us be your voice of experience.

What is HR?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what HR people spend their days doing?

Your average HR department spend their days spinning many plates – and sometimes those plates are on fire!  A team of outsourced HR consultants is no different, it just means that the plates are all different brands and the flammable substances on them are many & varied; one size fire extinguisher will most definitely not fit all.

All joking aside, an HR team, be they internal or outsourced, is responsible for ensuring that every individual and asset is well-managed, strategically utilised and of course, engaged in a legally compliant way – allowing for key business goals to be achieved.

Managing the Employee Life Cycle

Traditionally when you think of HR, you might just think of ‘the people that deal with employee welfare’.

Although welfare is extremely important to good HR professionals (and we all love the workplace health kick that involves awkward lunch time yoga) there is actually much more that the role encompasses.

The central nervous system of the HR department is usually known as the employee ‘life cycle’ – from the initial stage of identifying the need for a new role to be created, right through the recruitment, induction, development, training, maybe even the odd disciplinary (we won’t talk about last year’s Christmas party!), and finally the separation of an employee from the business.

The HR department also takes on the huge responsibility of the legalities that come with employment. This includes contracting with employees, managing salaries, holiday time, break time, sickness, employee data management and health and safety in the workplace.

So, if HR is so important, why outsource it?

  • Staying in the know – Employment is a complicated area of law which is constantly changing. We understand that your focus is your business, not keeping tabs on every change in HR practice, that’s our job.  We’ll do what we do best, so you can concentrate on what you do best.
  • Time saving – Because we’re always up to date with the most frequently asked questions in HR, we can save you valuable time otherwise wasted trying to find answers. A quick email or call to our experienced team can have you up to date and on your way again in no time, with written advice to follow-up as standard.
  • Save money – Hiring an equivalent HR employee with our combined expertise would cost in excess of 20 times more per year than our average retainer value. Now that’s value for money!
  • Independence – Our clients often tell us that having us on their team helps them to demonstrate to their employees that they are listening, and hearing, their points of view. We offer as much, or as little, hand-holding as required to ensure that you do things right, and maintain a professional approach to difficult situations.  No office politics here, just sound advice and unwavering support.

As someone famous once said...

“What high-performing companies should be striving to create: a great place for great people to do great work”


Marilyn Carlson

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