HR Documents

Get your house in order with our expert help, good record-keeping is the backbone of good HR practice.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring your business has access to a robust suite of HR documents, to suit every situation, is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your people-management practices are legally compliant.

Every decision, change and update should be properly documented, and in such a fashion that everyone’s agreement to them is clear and undisputed.

All of our retained clients have unlimited access to our vault of HR documentation, which our team will personalise to suit your specific needs**

**Clients on our “HR Essentials” package have unlimited access to template documents, bespoke personalisation is available to our full support service clients.


Reliability and Consistency

There is no better feeling, and cause for a sound night’s sleep, than knowing that your HR records will be your safety net when you need them.

Documenting key decisions and outcomes as you go means that your HR records will be reliable.  It also helps to promote consistency in your approach, as you can clearly see what you did last time without having to rely on your memory!

What can Sapience offer?

  • The Employment Basics Pack – If you don’t already have your own employment documents, don’t panic! We can provide all of the basics you’ll need for employing staff, in one handy package.

A contract of employment template, tailored to your business;

The minimum essential employment policies: discipline, grievance and a basic health & safety policy.

  • The Paperwork Package – To get you started, all the basic employment documents you need to ensure that you are legally compliant and covering basic employment information.  The pack includes the following:

Two Employment Contract Templates

Complete Staff Handbook

HR polices, plus 3 additional policies, all personalised to meet your company’s needs.  

  • Checking Where You’re At – Where you already have your own documents, we will undertake a comprehensive review of your current contracts of employment, staff handbook and HR policies, ensuring they cover all essential aspects and meet current legislation requirements.

We will then update your existing templates where necessary.  We will also recommend any additional HR policies or procedures that you may need to suit your business.

  • Making Sure You’re Legal – One of our experts will undertake a full, on-site, access-all-areas review of your people management processes to ensure legal compliance against the following regulations:

Employment Rights Act 1996
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016
Data Protection Act 2018
Employment Status of Workers (where appropriate)
Working Time Directive 1998
Equality Act 2010
Provision of Work References
Right to Work Checks (post Brexit regulations)

Following the review, a report will be prepared with an action plan in order for you to address areas of concern.


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