Here at Sapience HR we offer remote human resource services to clients across the UK, but are lucky enough to call Cornwall home. We’re even luckier to share this beautiful part of the country with a band of aspirational entrepreneurs, keen to make their mark.

This June the leaders of the G7 countries and their entourages will get a glimpse of this, as they descend on Carbis Bay for a global summit during tumultuous times; this is an unprecedented moment in history and Cornwall will be the backdrop.

And it is the perfect backdrop in our opinion. Though not without its problems and challenges, our little peninsula is known globally as a rural centre for innovation, sustainability, and creativity. Every year the ranks of pioneering people and businesses based in Cornwall swell – it’s an exciting and optimistic place to live and work.

Below, Sapience Founder Sue Hook – who lived abroad and in other UK areas before being drawn irresistibly back to Cornwall – gives our G7 guests an insight into the region from a business point of view.


Cornwall is a regional pioneer for renewable energy

Cornwall is known globally as a hub for sustainability and green innovation. From geothermal projects to harnessing wave energy, building wind turbines to designing high-performance recycled clothing, our little peninsula is at the cutting-edge of environmental forethought.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place. Environmental stewardship is an intrinsic part of running a business in Cornwall; whether you’re running a farm, a restaurant or designing the next generation of solar panels, there’s an overriding sense of responsibility to operate sustainably.

Brands with a strong environmental ethos will benefit from being based in Cornwall, where they will find many kindred spirits. Collaboration, which is part of the business culture here, is sure to follow.

Professional & Creative Services

The G7 teams will have no problem sourcing professional services should they need to!

The G7 teams will find world-class professional services on their doorstep here in Cornwall. From design agencies such as Leap, to the masters of the written-word at Stranger Collective, to award-winning PR agencies like Barefoot Media, and of course consummate HR services such as ours. 

Cornwall has long been home to a fierce creative spirit, which these days manifests itself in everything from filmmaking to web design, photography to branding. There can be few rural areas with such a concentration of creative talent.

We often find that word of mouth recommendations are a great way of sourcing help from professionals and creatives based here in Cornwall.


Great connectivity is important in such a rural area

While Cornwall is physically connected to the rest of the UK and beyond with good rail, air and road infrastructure, these days digital connectivity is far more important.

Thanks to EU funding, superfast broadband now reaches 90% of premises in Cornwall and the project is gradually chipping away at the remaining 10%.

There are exciting developments taking place at Goonhilly, where a new green data centre uses immersion cooling and takes advantage of Cornwall’s location at the junction of global subsea cables, satellite feeds and fibre. Designed to meet the needs of automotive, life sciences and space/aerospace marketplaces, developments like this could see Cornwall becoming a hub for cutting-edge industries; it’s hoped that the G7 summit will help highlight this.

Business Support

Businesses have a number of support and funding options to help them grow

For those looking to start or grow a business in Cornwall, help is at hand.

There is a huge amount of business support available; support for start-ups, rental space at innovation centres, networking platforms, growth hubs – there’s a long list of organisations ready to help. Businesses at every level can access advice, services and funding.

The following organisations all help make Cornwall a great base for business: Unlocking Potential, Grow Digital Cornwall, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub and Outset Cornwall.

We have an active Chamber of Commerce and great networking platforms like The Samphire Club. Digital Peninsula Network is specifically for ICT and digital business in Cornwall. Network Cornwall  is a useful resource for women in business, and Business Cornwall is a fantastic online platform and print magazine, whose free daily updates are an essential subscription for local business leaders.

In Cornwall businesses are particularly open and willing to give others a helping hand; if the G7 teams reach out for help during their stay they’ll definitely find it!


Cornwall is a stunningly beautiful place in which to live and work!

With beaches, countryside, and picturesque harbour towns around every corner, the few glimpses of Cornwall the G7 leaders are likely to get will be impressive. Add to that the great food culture and a vibrant creative scene, and Cornwall is sure to win many admirers.

For all its beauty, Cornwall has many challenges and some really deprived areas, but community spirit is strong. Investment in the right projects is needed to help spread good quality of life across the whole community.

This quality of life is one of the things we believe is behind the success stories of many Cornish businesses. A good work-life balance helps optimise productivity and, if you’re looking to build a world-class team, persuading the best people to come and work for you in Cornwall shouldn’t be a problem!

However, achieving that illusive work-life balance is always a work in progress. People in Cornwall work incredibly hard to stay visible in their respective industries. To be successful from the periphery requires relentless proactivity!

We hope that the above gives our G7 guests an idea of the business culture and community they can expect here in Cornwall. It could be the backdrop to great things…