With slim profit margins and seasonality to take into account, simply increasing wages to attract potential recruits isn’t an option for many hospitality businesses. But there are other ways to make your offer of employment more alluring…

In the second of our two-part blog aimed at helping hospitality businesses recruit, we consider how businesses can stand out from the crowd as potential employees shop around for the best offer.

A view like this from work is hard to beat!

  • Flexible working. One problem with hospitality has always been that older – and therefore more experienced – staff often leave the sector in favour of jobs more conducive to family life. Normalising flexible working, part time opportunities, and the four day week should help businesses retain that experience longer term.
  • Employee perks. In addition to fair remuneration, consider offering incentives such as employee discounts, a free meal or overnight stays after a set period of employment, extra holidays, family members discounts, employee assistance offering (which can be surprisingly affordable) and any other pull factors you have in your armoury such as spa treatments or tasting experiences. Not only are these great enticements, but they help your staff understand things from a customer’s point of view. Larger employers might consider an increasing scale of rewards to make staff feel consistently valued and incentivised.
  • Incentives and bonuses. One hospitality chain is offering its current employees substantial bonuses if they recommend friends who successfully become part of the workforce. Giving bonuses to staff that see through the main summer season is another tactic which is growing in popularity.
  • Transparent and fair tips system. Tips make a huge difference in some hospitality jobs and, while tips should never be used as a substitute for fair and appropriate remuneration, having a transparent and equal tips system could give your business the edge over competitors.
  • Training and development. To attract recruits who want to make a career in the hospitality sector, lay out your training and development policy on your website, and signpost to this in the recruitment process. Make it clear that you’re an employer who is willing to invest in your staff and help them climb the ladder.
  • Work place culture. This is not something you can change overnight, which is why cultivating a positive workplace culture should be an ongoing endeavour in every business. If you’ve created a great working environment, be sure to shout about it! Consider some form of prize or recognition for staff who have done a great job. For example if you’re hosting recruitment days get your current employees to mingle and share their experiences of how the business has helped them grow. And of course, the best incentive ever is to regularly say ‘thank you’ to your staff.
  • Ethics and environment. You might not think that corporate and social responsibility is top of everyone’s list when job searching, but you’d be surprised. A well-worded explanation of your ethical approach and environmental credentials could sway recruits to join you above a competitor.

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