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You can spend a fortune on training courses that are out there ten a penny. Actually not ten a penny; most of them are pretty darn expensive! So you’ve got a great team or some real rising stars and they’re desperate to eat up as much training and personal development as you can throw at them.

But, how do you know, and how do they know, that this is the right stuff? You are the one investing deeply in them and whilst you would love for these people to be completely developed to the max, you’ve got tight budgets to control. You need to maximise your people and you need these people in your workplace as much as possible, so they can actually be doing the job and getting things done.

Sapience can help you create on-the-bulls-eye training strategies and plans and then follow-up in depth with all of your team members, and with you, to ensure that the learnings and your investment is being utilised and maximised back into the day-to-day.

The practical Sapience approach to applying the knowledge and skills gained in training ensures that participants’ are able to improve performance in the workplace. Now we bet you’re ready for that!

  • Bespoke, tailored training sessions for your people
  • Training needs analysis
  • Competency frameworks
  • Skills analysis

We can help with all of your guidance and advice requirements.

Let Sapience HR take the hassle out of all of this for you. Call us on 01736 339 384 then you can sleep soundly at night!

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