Thank you to all those who attended our appraisal Masterclass on Thursday 16 May.

For those who could not make it, we wanted to share some key points from the Masterclass and to give you a flavour of the content covered.

  1. The value of an appraisal process

Far from being a tick box exercise, appraisals should form a key role in giving valuable feedback to employees. They provide a great opportunity to recommunicate expectations and deliver valuable feedback.

  1. Some of the skills required for an effective appraisal

Prepare – Make sure you have feedback prepared for the employee and able to give examples. Refer to notes made at the last year appraisal and review progress.

Listen – Listen to what your employees have to say and give them the opportunity to speak.

Praise/ Recognition – Nothing discussed at an appraisal should come as a surprise to the employee however they are a good opportunity to reflect on what has gone well over the appraisal period and highlight achievements.

Agree Goals – As part of the appraisal process agree some goals and objectives for the employee to focus on over the appraisal period. Where possible ensure the goals not only link directly to the employees’ development but also to the overall aims and goals of the company.

  1. Assessing/ Measuring

There are a range of ways to measure and assess how an employee is performing. Finding an approach that’s suits your organisation can depend on the company’s management and communication style. Some approaches include:

  • Scoring/ Mark systems
  • Competency Based
  • Broad Statements
  • Self-Assessment
  • 360 degree feedback
  1. Consideration when measuring performance

Company Values – Employees need to understand how they fit into the bigger picture of where the company is going.

Job Descriptions – How is the employee performing against the requirements of the role

Competencies – How are employees performing for the competencies required for their role and what do they need to develop to progress.

Standards of Practice – For roles that are regulated by an external party any standards the individual is required to adhere to should be reviewed against their performance.

  1. Aligning your appraisal system to the Company
  • Consider your company mission/ vision
  • What is the company’s strategy and aims
  • Company Targets
  • Consider the goals for the team/ department
  • What outcomes will you look for from individuals to assess their delivery of the above

There were many interesting talking points during the Masterclass we couldn’t possibly write then all in here! So if you are struggling with an appraisal process we are always here to help!

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