Summer time is here again 

Does it seem now that everyday someone is missing from the office and on occasions, most of the staff are out on the same day? The increase in employees’ time off during the summer months happens for many reasons. School is out and it is the best time for a family vacation, or friends/family coming to visit, to name just a few.

Many businesses find that they are short staffed during the summer because requests for time off were not managed effectively. There are some basic steps that can be taken to help alleviate the summer time employee shortage.

Employers should have a time off procedure that outlines the steps to request time off and is applied fairly to all staff.  Important points to cover in the policy are;

  • Who is authorised to approve a request for time off;
  • How much advance notice is required for a request to be considered;
  • How many employees can be off at the same time;
  • How an employee makes a request for time off;
  • Any restrictions for when time off can be taken need to be outlined clearly;
  • How time off is granted. For example; First come, first served or seniority based.

As with any procedure, the key to success is communication. Employees should and need to know there is a procedure in place for the proper way to request time off.  Many companies state that requests for time off are formally submitted, either via the completion of a form or an e-mail.  In the event a dispute about time off arises, the request can be referenced, rather than relying on memory.

Time off requests should be maintained in the employees file or stored with payroll records. In addition, make sure the paid time off is processed through payroll correctly, so remaining holiday balances are accurate.

A system for holiday requests alleviates the issue of having multiple employees requesting time off at the same time and leaving your business without enough staff to function properly.  If you are without a system for agreeing holidays, spend some time now.  You’ll be glad you did.

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