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If you are at the stage when redundancies may be a business solution for you, remember; making staff redundant is tough.

There are also lots of legal steps which need to be addressed.  So don’t risk it. Let us help you make a plan and support you through the process.

There’s lots to consider:

  • What’s the business case for redundancies?
  • Are redundancies the only option? Are there any actions which could be taken instead?
  • What is a fair way to select staff for redundancy?
  • What to say at the consultation meeting.
  • How to get staff’s final payments right.
  • Do you have to offer the right of appeal?

For all of you queries about restructuring or redundancies just call or email us.

Give us a call on 01736 339 384 or email

We can help with all of your guidance and advice requirements.

Let Sapience HR take the hassle out of all of this for you. Call us on 01736 339 384 then you can sleep soundly at night!

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