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Can you really tell what a person is like, and how they’ll fit into your team from a CV and an hour long interview? And aren’t they always going to be at their best in an interview and tell you what you want to hear? How do you cut through any bluster and really tell what they are truly like?

What if you could take some of that risk out of the situation and know all about a person, what drives them, how they operate and how and where they will fit into a team – well before their first day in your office? Well you can; and this is where Sapience’s profiling is invaluable.

Sapience is trained and licensed to deliver the world-leading Drake P3 predictive performance profiling system. Drake P3 is a deep and intriguing talent management system that reveals a person’s natural tendencies, communication styles, emotional intelligence, motivational needs, decision-making abilities, energy levels, stress levels and much more. In addition to taking a person from a flat CV to seeing them in full technicolour 3D at the recruitment stage, Drake P3 can support employee on-boarding, team dynamics, employee performance, succession planning and employee development.

And Sapience has all of this and more at its fingertips. Are you ready to go deeper with your people and open up the power?

We can help with all of your guidance and advice requirements.

Let Sapience HR take the hassle out of all of this for you. Call us on 01736 339 384 then you can sleep soundly at night!

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