What to include, what to avoid.
A snappy guide to employment contracts & how not to get bitten!

When issuing employment contracts, it is of course, assumed that you will comply with the law.  But what else should you include and how can good contracts of employment help you and your business?

Ask yourself:

  • How up to date and relevant are my current employment contracts ?
  • Do my employment contracts really express what type of employer I am ?
  • Why can’t everyone just have the same contract ?
  • What can I include to make them strong and fair contracts, which can be relied upon if something should go wrong ?
  • Can I make changes to an employee’s contact once signed?

Do not fear, the Sapience HR experts are here again with some practical expert advice and guidance on employment contracts.

We understand that the thought of issuing a new employment contract or making changes can be daunting.

It is easy to find information on what must be included but what about the clauses that you should include for best practice?

What about the needs of your business and how this can be incorporated into you employment contracts?

What is the relationship between your contract and your staff handbook, have they ever even met? !

Come along and join the experts at Sapience HR for this free Masterclass followed by a question and answer session

Date : Monday 26th March 2018

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Coffee on arrival. Course places are limited and restricted to one place per company.
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