Thank you to all those who attended our Employment Contracts Masterclass last week – it was great to see you there.

This is a subject area that always generates lots of questions so we thought we would provide you with a few key facts.

What is a contract of employment? – A legally binding agreement between an employer and employee.

What are Express terms? – Those stated in writing or verbally. They can also include other documents such as staff handbooks and policies.

What are Implied Terms? – May be implied due to statue or custom & practice. Examples could be the employer providing a safe place to work or a duty of mutual trust & confidence between the two parties.

What types of contract are there? – Fixed term, casual/ zero hours, indefinite period, term time only. The contract should be appropriate for the work being done.

How soon should a contract of employment be issued to the employee? – It must be issued within 8 weeks of the start of employment.

Compulsory contract clauses:

  • Name of Employer
  • Name of Employee
  • Job Title, Role/Duties
  • Place of Work, requirement to travel, working abroad
  • Date of commencement, continuous employment
  • Working Hours, days, shift patterns and total number of hours (weekly or annual)
  • Type of Pay, benefits and  commission
  • Amount of pay, pay basis, how & when pay is paid, additional payments, bonus or benefits.
  • Annual leave entitlement & arrangements for Public/Bank Holidays
  • Pension arrangements & contracting out
  • Discipline/Grievance arrangements
  • Notice period employer and employee
  • Trade union representation/collective agreements
  • Pay in Lieu of Notice provision and claw back
  • Sickness absence /company sick pay entitlements

Can you vary a contract of employment? – Yes, provided you have consulted with the employee regarding the changes and obtain the employees agreement. There are other options available however these pose a greater risk.

Our next Masterclass will be taking place on 16th May when we will be looking at appraisals. We hope to see you there!

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