‘Tis the season to be jolly and to attend the yearly corporate shindig – the office Christmas party.  The idea of this annual event is rooted in corporate goodwill. A way to show appreciation to your employees for a year of hard work. Some may view the office Christmas party as a corporate-like event that they, being mindful of their career, must attend. And then there’s the inevitable visitation of the drunken lout who takes the celebration a bit too far.

In an independent survey of 1000 office workers reveal that one out of five workers regret their actions at the office Christmas party. Here’s what staff reveal about their Christmas party.

  • A third of office workers have gone home with or kissed a colleague or client at their office Christmas party.
  • A tenth of workers have been sick in front of colleagues due to excessive drinking.
  • A tenth of office workers have told a colleague or boss that they fancy them.
  • A third of office workers admitted dreading ‘the walk of shame’ to work the next morning.
  • A tenth of workers take the opportunity of their bosses ‘high spirits’ to ask for a pay rise.
  • Two fifths of office workers admitted that they regrettably bad-mouthed bosses or co-workers while intoxicated at the office Christmas party.
  • A third of workers owned up to “dancing like an idiot” in front of the boss.
  • A fifth of employees regretted belting out karaoke songs in front of their colleagues.

Alcohol can be a key factor in how people behave. Consider how much alcohol the company provides and whether it sensible to put a limit on this.  Always be mindful of how your staff get home as we don’t want any instances of drink driving or collapses in the street.

As an employer, you will have to think about how you will deal with any matters of employee misconduct at the office party.  Remember, employers can be liable for employees’ actions at work-related social functions. Make it clear to all staff, in advance, that the company’s rules of conduct and disciplinary procedures will still apply.

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