Why Alcohol and Christmas Work Parties Don’t Mix (…and some alternative ideas!)

A work party this Christmas might seem like the perfect time to bring your team together after home working has kept many of us apart since March 2020. However, as appealing as it seems to encourage some team bonding during down-time, we’re here to offer some cautionary words!

We hate to be party poopers, but with our HR hat on Read More…

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School’s out, now it’s back to the workplace!

How the best workplaces are adapting permanently to Covid-19.

Many employees are now returning properly to their workplaces for the first time since March 2020, presenting a whole raft of new HR challenges. For example, parents may be breathing a sigh of relief that they aren’t home-schooling anymore, while facing that age-old dilemma of what on earth to do with Read More…

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New Challenges And Opportunities For Hospitality Employers

Did you hear us on the radio this week? Director of Client Operations, Amanda Paddy, was interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall about the challenges and opportunities facing hospitality employers as staff return from furlough leave. Read the full story below…

We work with a lot of excellent hospitality employers here in Cornwall, and are currently providing HR support as they Read More…

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Need a realistic ‘people strategy’ for post-pandemic recovery?

If the challenging events of the last year have left you feeling dazed and confused, you’re not alone! It’s difficult to see the bigger picture when you’re constantly fighting fires. However, with the prospect of a return to something like normality in the spring, now is the time to get your head down and decide on the future shape Read More…

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How should employers be supporting parents working from home?

Parents are once again facing the huge challenge of trying to work productively from home, while simultaneously caring for young infants or home-schooling older children. In previous articles, we’ve explained why working from home is not a level playing field for a workforce under pressure, and across the UK today there will be many Read More…

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Mental Health: Challenges facing employers in the ‘new normal’

The ‘new normal’ sees more of us working from home than ever before, with no prospect of a return to the office any time soon. A remote workforce presents a new set of challenges for employers – one of which is supporting employee’s good mental health.

Here, HR expert Sue Hook discusses the impact of this shift on business Read More…

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Working in Hot Weather – HOT Tips for Employers!

With the weather heating up, make sure you protect your employees when working in hot temperatures!

In the UK, whilst there is no maximum temperature that a workplace is allowed to be, advice from the Health & Safety Executive states that temperatures within workplaces should be ‘reasonable’. What is classed as reasonable will depend on the type of Read More…

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Sick of Sickness? Employee sickness trends reported….

South West Business recently reported that the number of sick days taken by staff in the south west is far higher than the current national average, and could be costing the south west economy up to £50bn a year (link here http://bit.ly/29RAvND).

Sickness in London is reported as 1.5%, compared to a whopping 2.1% in the South West.

We Read More…

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Healthy tips for surviving the Christmas Party…

Our top 10 healthy tips for surviving the Office Christmas Party:

  1. Eat a big lunch during the day, so that you don’t arrive at the party with an empty stomach.
  2. Keep a bottle of water on your desk, and drink from it all day so that you start the evening already dehydrated. Aim to drink at least 1.5 litres/6 glasses of Read More…
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Healthy Workplace

Work-related stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem in Europe ” after musculoskeletal disorders. Around half of workers consider it to be common in their workplace.

Some more sobering statistics:

  • 50- 60% of all lost working days can be attributed to work-related stress.
  • In a recent European poll conducted by EU-OSHA the most common causes of work-related stress cited Read More…
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Drug Driving – are you in the know?

New drug driving legislation came into force on 2nd March 2015.  The Drug Driving (Specified Limits) (England and Wales) Regulations 2014 introduce a new offence of driving, attempting to drive or be in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place under the influence of 16 specified drugs, where the amount in the Read More…

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Healthy Workplace

Mince PieDid you know that the average mince pie has over 200 calories?  That’s 10% of your recommended daily intake in one snack!

So, here are our top tips for how to burn 200 calories without having to visit the gym:

  1. An hour’s shopping can easily burn 200 calories, even more if you’re Read More…
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