15% off for our 15-year anniversary!

2022 marks our 15th anniversary here at Sapience HR. We’ve seen a huge shift in the ways businesses operate during the last decade and a half, gaining extensive experience along the way. The last few years have been particularly tumultuous, and we know that businesses need Read More…

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Job Ads: Could you be scuppering your own chances of recruiting?

Are your own job adverts ‘up to the job’ when it comes to recruiting? Are they guilty of unconscious bias, too narrow in specification, or lacking in ambition when it comes to equality and diversity? Here at Sapience HR our team of HR experts are encouraging clients to think outside the box when it comes to recruitment ads… 

Overall Read More…

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Why Alcohol and Christmas Work Parties Don’t Mix (…and some alternative ideas!)

A work party this Christmas might seem like the perfect time to bring your team together after home working has kept many of us apart since March 2020. However, as appealing as it seems to encourage some team bonding during down-time, we’re here to offer some cautionary words!

We hate to be party poopers, but with our HR hat on Read More…

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Alternative ideas for Christmas bonuses

In the world of HR, Christmas bonuses (i.e. how, when, why and if they should be awarded!) is a controversial topic. So, to help out all the business owners and managers out there with an impending headache, we’ve put our heads together here at Sapience HR. Here are our thoughts on genuine morale-boosting bonus ideas which won’t leave anyone Read More…

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In our last blog, we talked to Harry Young-Jamieson of St Eval Candle Co, and looked at how a sustainable approach to business, and environmentally and socially responsible employees, have been big contributors to their recent Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

What exactly is sustainability, anyway?

Generally, when we talk about sustainability, people have a vision in their head Read More…

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A positive cycle: How employers and employees are spurring each other on to climate action

With COP26 in Glasgow fast-approaching, there’s a real sense that it’s now or never for decisive, unilateral action on climate change. As we look to our leaders to seize the moment, many of us will also be scrutinising our own lives and asking, are we doing our bit?

While we increasingly make sustainability a priority at home, more of us Read More…

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Garden Leave – not just for mowing the lawn

One of the clauses we always recommend our clients have in their contracts of employment relates to Garden Leave. The name comes, of course, from the concept of being paid to stay at home (& do the gardening), hence the term Garden Leave. The lack of this clause – or even a failure to invoke the clause when it Read More…

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End of the Furlough Scheme: Essential training for returning workers

The furlough scheme, which has helped so many individuals and businesses through the darkest days of the global pandemic, officially comes to an end on 30th September. There are around one million workers still on the scheme – although sadly some won’t return to work when it ends.

For those that do, either on a part-time or full-time basis, a Read More…

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The Bank Holiday Bother

Bank and Public Holidays can be a bit of a bother. Mostly, they’re no trouble for employers. Where the business shuts on those days they bring a brief but much needed/enforced respite for many employees including those you often have to nag to take time off from the business.

But occasionally, those holidays cause some head scratching moments when it Read More…

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Are You Undercalculating Annual leave?

Annual leave entitlement. A troublesome subject and one which causes many employers to scratch their heads when it comes to the maths.

You may not realise it, but many businesses undercalculate annual leave entitlement for their starters and leavers. Not by much, but in the event that an employee with more than two years’ service leaves and raises a claim Read More…

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School’s out, now it’s back to the workplace!

How the best workplaces are adapting permanently to Covid-19.

Many employees are now returning properly to their workplaces for the first time since March 2020, presenting a whole raft of new HR challenges. For example, parents may be breathing a sigh of relief that they aren’t home-schooling anymore, while facing that age-old dilemma of what on earth to do with Read More…

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Part Two: What can hospitality businesses do to attract staff?

With slim profit margins and seasonality to take into account, simply increasing wages to attract potential recruits isn’t an option for many hospitality businesses. But there are other ways to make your offer of employment more alluring…

In the second of our two-part blog aimed at helping hospitality businesses recruit, we consider how businesses can stand out from the crowd Read More…

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