A positive cycle: How employers and employees are spurring each other on to climate action

With COP26 in Glasgow fast-approaching, there’s a real sense that it’s now or never for decisive, unilateral action on climate change. As we look to our leaders to seize the moment, many of us will also be scrutinising our own lives and asking, are we doing our bit?

While we increasingly make sustainability a priority at home, more of us Read More…

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Meet The Team – Sue Hook, Founder & Director of Client Development

In our new blog series we’ll be meeting all members of the Sapience HR team and finding out what makes them tick!

First up is Founder and Director of Client Development, Sue Hook. Sue grew up in Cornwall and studied here, but lived and worked elsewhere in the UK and abroad before being drawn irresistibly back to the Duchy. Using Read More…

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Employment Tribunal cases to look out for in 2017!

This year promises some interesting case law, so here’s our top 4 cases to keep an eye on……

1. Employment Status

Aslam and others v Uber BV and others (EAT)

This was the employment tribunal case that everyone talked about in 2016.  The employment tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are workers rather than being self-employed.  A worker does not qualify for all of the same Read More…

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What Does Your Staff Handbook Say About You?

There must be something in the air this month, as we seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time reviewing, rewriting and replacing Staff Handbook content for a range of clients.

One thing that never fails to impress me is those businesses who really take the time to make sure their handbook has the same ‘tone of voice’ as the Read More…

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2 Year Limit Introduced for Backdated Holiday Pay Claims

Most of you will remember the much-publicised cases in November 2014 where the outcome of three Employment Appeal Tribunal cases changed the widespread interpretation of the term ‘normal pay’ for holiday pay purposes.  As a result of those cases, may employers (and HR advisors!) were left scratching their heads about the implications, as the parameters of additional pay elements was Read More…

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Case Study

ACAS has published the first six months’ figures showing how compulsory pre-claim conciliation is working.

The key figures are:

  • Over the first six months, ACAS has conciliated in 37,000 cases (of which about 1,000 were multiple claims, covering about 8,000 potential Claimants)
  • 3% of early conciliation requests came from Employers
  • 10% of Employees reject the offer of early conciliation once they have submitted Read More…
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Okhiria v Royal Mail

In the case of Okhiria v Royal Mail, the Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld a tribunal’s decision that an employer did not have to wait for the outcome of criminal proceedings to become known before undertaking an internal disciplinary process.
Okhira was dismissed for gross misconduct after being arrested for criminal activity at work.

He was dismissed from his employment following a Read More…

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Woman called ‘short arse’ by boss wins employment tribunal case

A woman who claimed she was verbally abused and humiliated at work has won her case at an employment tribunal citing unfair dismissal. Pamela Warman, 30, was awarded £2335.20 at her case in Aberdeen after she left her part-time administrator job at City Plumbing Supplies.

Ms Warman, who is around 5ft tall, was at times referred to as “short arse” Read More…

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