This April, the team at Business Cornwall asked Sue Hook – Founder and Director of Client Development here at Sapience HR – for her insight on what makes a really effective HR strategy. 

Here are Sue’s thoughts…

HR is about more than resolving disputes and navigating legal issues; it’s about understanding your staff and how they contribute to the culture and growth of your business. Get to grips with this, and increased engagement and productivity will follow!

Understanding your staff involves assessing levels of workplace satisfaction, giving your team opportunities to develop, recognising their strengths and enabling improvement in weaker areas, and ensuring they are in a job role that fits their skills set.

Seeing the bigger picture involves getting to know your team!

How you actually achieve this in practice is complex, nuanced and potentially time-consuming. This is where external HR resources can be really useful to help you drive the process.

Establishing the essential framework through recruitment, reviews and appraisals, PDPs, assessments, coaching and mentoring schemes is crucial. You need to have the fundamentals in place before you can begin to see HR as a springboard to greater things. Remember, your team is your most important asset and getting to know them better is time well spent.

A good HR strategist will help managers and employers genuinely engage with their team

A good HR strategist will help employers engage and talk with their staff in a way that fosters collaboration and builds a positive workplace culture. Establish an environment where feedback, requests for training, a framework for mental health support, and the positive flow of information (top down and bottom up!) is all part of the weekly routine. Your team will reward you with new levels of engagement and productivity.

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