With COP26 in Glasgow fast-approaching, there’s a real sense that it’s now or never for decisive, unilateral action on climate change. As we look to our leaders to seize the moment, many of us will also be scrutinising our own lives and asking, are we doing our bit?

While we increasingly make sustainability a priority at home, more of us – especially the younger generation entering the workforce – are taking environmental and social responsibility very seriously when choosing who to work for. Therefore, businesses who rely on recruiting the best next-generation talent are taking a close look at their green credentials, ensuring they stand up to scrutiny.

Improving sites for wildlife and people is part of the strategy for many businesses

All this creates a positive feedback loop, as people joining forward-thinking companies feel empowered to hold them to account, and apply their own initiative to environmental projects too.

One great example of this locally is St. Eval, who make beautiful candles here in Cornwall and were honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development this year. Harry Young-Jamieson, Managing Director, told us:

“We actively look for employees with a shared ethos, which is to put people and planet at the heart of everything we do. The family business started over 28 years ago on a working farm in North Cornwall and we are still based in these beautiful surroundings. Protecting the natural environment is an intrinsic part of business for us, and something each employee is encouraged to participate in.”

Harry agrees that green-minded recruits have helped spur the business on, saying:

“Not only are our team committed to our sustainable approach to business, but they also encourage us to push the boundaries and are a constant source of new ideas.”

CEO Ian Greaves believes this was a big contributor to St Eval’s Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development – the highest accolade for business success and sustainable practices. From protecting wildlife on site and championing plastic-free packaging, to helping customers understand the benefits of sustainable production, the people at the heart of the business have been the decisive factor. He shared:

“As we have grown over the years, we have always strived to put sustainability at the heart of all we do. I am immensely proud of the team here at St Eval in the way that we as a whole have worked so hard at building a not only successful, but also an ethical and sustainable business which continues to go from strength to strength.”

Next for St. Eval is the opening of a new building, which will bring the team closer to the wildlife conservation area, pond and chamomile meadow.

Just a few of St. Eval’s beautiful Christmas products…

Not all businesses are blessed with the bucolic surroundings of a farm in the Cornish countryside, but this shouldn’t deter us from recruiting with green-tinted glasses, and kickstarting that positive feedback loop for sustainable success.

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