To help avoid HR blunders in your business, see below for our 6 Top HR Tips:

  1. Recruitment: Make sure your recruitment process is spot on in order to secure the best candidates. If possible, hold all interviews for the role on the same day, using the same interview questions so you are easily able to compare candidates and make your decision that day. Don’t delay hiring good talent.
  2. Employee Handbooks: Handbooks are great for making company standards and expectations clear, but make them simple and straightforward. Large tomes and complicated rules belong to bigger organisations. They should include workplace policies that are easy to understand, fair and consistent. Make sure your handbook can be accessed by all your employees.
  3. Onboard New Employees Immediately: Time, money and lost business opportunities can all occur by not prepping employees before their first day of work. Where possible organise business cards, a telephone line and any resources required before their first day of work so they can hit the ground running. Make sure everyone knows about your new employee, what job they will be doing, when they will arrive and are ready to welcome them to the company.
  4. Feedback and Rewards: On-the-spot feedback should be given to help motivate employees. Having a more formal performance management system where goals are set and measured helps employees know whether they are doing a good job and provides focus. Rewarding employees who meet their goals can be a powerful tool. Performance management systems also assist with employees who may not be performing and evidence of these conversations taking place can be key to helping them improve.
  5. Ditch the Paper: Many small companies rely on homegrown, paper-based systems to track time and attendance, manage schedules, and process key HR-related functions such as hiring and onboarding. Small companies should consider using technology-based solutions for these tasks so they can focus on growing their core business and have records which are easier to manage and update. Many systems can be obtained for a low price but can save lots of time.
  6. Don’t Go It Alone: Many small business owners try to do too much in house, which moves their focus away from the business. Forming partnerships, with external providers for services such as payroll, HR and IT can assist small business focusing on their own customers, products and services and avoids small businesses making costly mistakes.